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Many web hosts seem identical on the surface, offering disk space, bandwidth email, site builders and 24×7 supports… but these are only a fraction of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you host your site with TVIS. Our Domain Hosting will be unique in terms of cost and all-inclusive benefits.

Web Servers and the Internet

The Internet is nothing more than a large collection of computers attached to a telecommunications network and a set of protocols that establishes the rules for data to be sent and received by them. Most computers are linked to the Internet through a modem that directs traffic to and from a local phone or cable company. An Internet service provider (ISP) directs the incoming and outgoing data through a local hub to regional hubs.

All the data that makes up a website is located on one or more specialized computers known as servers. Servers can be expensive to purchase and maintain, so companies, known as domain hosts or website hosts, lease server resources to subscribers in return for monthly fees. This allows almost anyone to create a website that is available to the public on the World Wide Web (WWW), which is the collective network of all websites in the world that can be accessed through the Internet.

In order for computers to understand each other, universal codes and protocols have been established. One of the most important of these protocols for websites and domain hosting is the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). It is this protocol that allows queries to be sent to specific servers so that the websites on those servers can be accessed.

To direct a request for access from a client computer to a website server, a system of domain names attached to Internet protocol (IP) addresses is in operation. The physical location of the server hosting a particular website is embedded in the domain name, which is also known as the uniform resource locator (URL).

Domain Names and IP Addresses

The first step in acquiring a domain host is to register a domain name. Domain names are regulated and maintained by domain name registrars (TVIS), which ensure that domain names are not repeated. Domain names are easily readable by people, but for computers to understand them, domain names have to be linked to binary IP addresses through special servers called domain name servers (DNS). This system allows for a domain name to be transferred to another server should the webmaster decide to use a different host.

HOW TVIS helps you to choose Domain & Hosting of your Website

TVIS will allow you to perform a domain name search & register it there. In fact, if you choose a hosting package first you are likely to get a free domain name for one year. Because the equipment required by registrars (TVIS) and hosts is so similar. TVIS is executing as registrars offer domain hosting packages to those that use their domain name registration services, and TVIS also executing as website hosts offer free or discounted domain name registration for subscribers to their hosting packages.

You can find a domain host first or start with a domain search on a registrar. However, if you already have a domain registered, you can subscribe to nearly any other domain hosting service. All you have to do is tell the domain host the names of the servers where the domain name information is stored.

Domain Hosting Packages

Several different packages are available from TVIS. Each package has a different set of features, and some may be more important to you and your website than others.

Following are the most common types of packages:

  • Shared hosting – Shared hosting is a paid subscription service. Fee-based shared hosting packages provide subscribers with more features than free hosts, and service guarantees may be available. This service can be free of cost or at the cheapest rates along with some other packages.
  • Dedicated hosting – Subscribers who want their data to have the highest level of security and who require all the resources of a server can lease private servers that can be accessed and used only by them. These are the most expensive domain hosting packages, but they provide the most power and flexibility

Free with all Domains

  • Domain management
  • Web forwarding
  • Email forwarding
Buy More, Get More

The more domains you register or hold under management, the cheaper your domains will be for new registration and renewals.

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