Best SEO Tools Helpful For Remote Working

Best SEO Tools helpful for remote working

Web optimization does not have to be expensive!

There are huge amounts of great free SEO tools that you can browse.

The question is to know which one to use and which one to avoid.

Every activity requires arrangement, association, and correspondence, no matter how far away the work requires these things.

Work comes with its arrangement of interruptions, depending on how and where you work. Interruptions can occur, such as rushing around from your favorite café or the consideration required of pets or small children.

Work from a home office will generally have an increase of difficulties in overcoming everyday problems that might keep the worker from finishing the work, at the chance that I am not generally made to cope with it.

It is vital to let yourself work in a way that does not bode well for you so that you stay orderly, work effectively, and are connected all around.

Here are some SEO tools that do just that while you work at a distance. Indeed, these are the ones we use or that I like best, but I will list a few options with each one.

1.   Mangools

Mangools has a huge amount of incredible features for SEO spec lists and content analysts, similar to keyword research, SERP testing, ranking, and SEO exploration.

In any case, probably the best is the rating. While most paid SEO tools bother you with $100 or more every month, Mangools has a lower-level rating that can address the problems of most professionals.

This is extraordinary news, as publicists usually do not pursue direct ranking tracking and search engine research, but are often supervised by an SEO person.

With Mangools, marketing specialists can get the keyword search features they need without having to brush their nose at some of the more advanced SEO features.


The Mangools Basic Arrangement offers 100 keyword queries in a 24-hour timeframe and 200 keyword suggestions for each search. This arrangement costs $29.90 per month with an annual payment. The Premium Arrangement 500 keyword queries per day and 700 keyword suggestions cost $39.90.

2.   Online Text editor by Prepostseo

The online text editor by Prepostseo is popular for editing your writing. Most of the web owners usually feel ease to modify their web content through the online text editor because it’s easier to access them.

However, the online text editor is efficient and held as it provides the multiple other options with the text editor. Some of the additional features with this text editor are mentioned below:

  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Readability checker

This tool can also export your edited content in different formats to save a new copy of your content.


The online text editor along with others tool are free on this website while you don’t need to buy any type of subscription.


3.   StoryChief

StoryChief is a content composition and distribution designed for marketers and content managers.

It brings the allocation, compilation, analysis, distribution, and development of contents to the entire space with the goal that everyone can work together without problems.

In the design features, StoryChief has extraordinary SEO research features. Simply set your central buzzword for any piece and you will receive suggestions for:

  • Keyword use in subheadings
  • Keyword distribution
  • Length of meta title and description
  • Keyword in the main passage of history
  • Keyword density
  • Missing Image alt text to any of your image
  • Keyword in title and title length
  • Number of connections
  • Some more

The SEO tool also accompanies a readability test dependent on the Flesch Reading Ease Test. The readability tester provides suggestions for sentence length, section length, unrelated language use, subtitle scattering, sentence sorting, and that’s just the beginning.

This is outstanding among other SEO tools for marketers, as it leads you to prefer your piece before you distribute it or send it out for an audit.


At the time you are paid annually, StoryChief’s Pro-Membership gives you access to all the key elements for $24 / month, while the Essential Arrangement gives you $12 / month to compile and distribute features, but not to the Campaign Builder or Content Calendar.

StoryChief also includes a freemium plan that allows you to appreciate all the features for an unlimited period in which you can distribute up to 3 stories.

4.   Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a popular tool among SEO experts and is also gaining popularity among marketers. It is known to have the absolute best SEO information.

Despite the usual SEO features such as keywords research, location assessment, and ranking, it also contains an important component for analysts, the Content Explorer, which investigates powerful content in your field.


Ahrefs is one of the cheaper SEO tools that are accessible, with membership levels rising every month from $99 to $999.

5.   Moz

Moz is one of the most important SEO tools that has taken the market forward, and it’s been around since 2004.

Moz has two key elements, their SEO position on the site and their coordinated listing position, which helps organizations ensure that their contact details are the equivalent over the web.

Most marketers won’t be responsible for that, but in the case that you are, it’s a supportive tool. It’s just a case of how Moz has features that help organizations with physical areas.

Moz “SEO information, snippets of knowledge, and details will be all anyone could need to meet the demands of most publicists.


By the time they are paid annually, Moz membership costs $79 a month, rising to $599 a month for organizations and large internal groups.

6.   Keywords Everywhere

As a program add-on for Chrome and Firefox, Keywords Everywhere changes your query experience every time you search for something.

Below the query bar on the SERP, you’ll see the normal monthly search volume, normal CPC cost for PPC exploration, and SEO rivalry score.

On the correct side of the SERP, you will see associated keywords and related requests. You would then be able to opt for “load measurements” that cost you a few credits to get the hunting volume, CPC, and intensity information for these keyword suggestions.


Whereas Keywords Everywhere used to be a free device, they have recently had to switch due to a high volume of spam and bot requests to their employees.

Overall, this device is very modest, and they charged just enough to eliminate these requests.

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